Cosmetic/Aesthetic Laser Surgery

Although lasers have been utilized in plastic surgery and dermatology for many years, new technology has allowed the laser to predictably and precisely remove fine layers of tissue and tighten fine skin lines. The Ultrapulse laser precisely evaporates extremely thin layers of tissue while minimizing the heat effects. Thus, the outer, epithelial layer of skin can be literally brushed away. Then the foundation layer (dermis) of skin can be tightened to provide a firm, youthful complexion.

CO2 Laser Coherent Ultra Pulse 5000C

  1. Upper Lid Blepharoplasty (Droopy-look, Skin folds)
  2. Lower Lid Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty (Bags)
  3. Skin Resurfacing
    • Full Face
    • Frown Area
    • Peri-Orbital (Crows Feet)
    • Peri-Oral (Lips)
    • Chin & Cheeks


Eyes are considered by many to be our most expressive feature. They reveal a lot about us, and have even been called the windows to the soul.

But if our eyes look puffy or baggy, making us appear perpetually fatigued or older than our years, they may not be such an accurate reflection of our true selves. And, beyond aesthetic concerns, drooping upper eyelids can even impair vision.

Cosmetic surgery to correct eyelid problems (called blepharoplasty) is not new. It has been performed for years and traditionally involves using a scalpel to remove excess skin and fatty tissue. After-effects include significant swelling and bruising that can take several weeks to heal.

But now laser technology has revolutionized blepharoplasty, giving surgeons greater control over the process and making it an almost bloodless procedure with fewer after-effects.

The UltraPulse Aesthetic Laser, the same laser that resurfaces damaged, wrinkled skin, can also be used to combat drooping upper eyelids and sagging under-eye bags that don't seem to go away with a good night's rest or even a vacation. These eyelid procedures are called laser blepharoplasty.

The laser is used to remove the excess skin, and fat pads, if present, of the upper eyelid that causes it to droop. For the lower eyelids, the laser makes a small, bloodless incision inside the eyelid. The fat pads causing "bags" are removed, no visible skin incision is made, and no stitches are required.

Because the laser beam seals blood vessels as it touches them, the doctor is able to clearly see exactly how much tissue to remove during the procedure. Additionally, there is less swelling and bruising than with traditional blepharoplasty, reducing healing time.

The skin around the eyes (the periorbital area) bearing fine lines and crow's feet can be resurfaced by the laser to complete the surgery.

This is a major breakthrough, because never before was it possible to safely and effectively treat the fine lines under the lower lashes. Traditional treatments, like chemical peels and dermabrasion, are too harsh to use on the delicate skin near the eye.

The UltraPulse laser uses a very high energy beam of light to vaporize scars, lines, wrinkles, and other skin defects layer by layer. Laser light penetrates to a very precise, controlled depth, making the procedure safer and more predictable than treatments such as dermabrasion and chemical peels, and reducing the risk of scarring or uneven pigmentation that may be found with these other treatments.

Recent clinical data has shown that laser skin resurfacing not only smoothes periorbital wrinkles, but tightens the underlying skin and stimulates production of new collagen to effectively restructure the skin.

Collagen is the basic building block of skin, supplying structure and support. Over time, the sun breaks down collagen, robbing the skin of suppleness and elasticity, thereby causing lines and wrinkles.

New collagen growth restores skin to a healthy state that closely resembles non-sun-damaged skin. Your skin looks younger, fresher, and firmer.

In the first few days after laser blepharoplasty, you may have some mild swelling and bruising, which will quickly disappear.

Post-procedure discomfort varies from patient to patient, with some patients requiring little or no medication and others needing more. Because pain tolerance is highly individual, your doctor will make sure you're comfortable during and after the procedure.

Ask us about UltraPulse laser blepharoplasty and skin resurfacing and how you can have more beautiful skin and eyes.

No other laser provides the precision, control, and accuracy of the UltraPulse. It's high-energy beam corrects drooping upper eyelids and sagging under eye bags, dramatically reduces facial lines and wrinkles, and stimulates new collagen growth to produce smoother, firmer, younger-looking skin. Patient comfort and recovery time are enhanced, and after-effects are fewer.

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